• This will come back to kick him in the ass. He's a bullying idiot who thinks his shit doesn't stink. When you TELL your neighbor to pay for YOUR wall, and they turn around and say "pay for it yourself", do you stomp your feet like a child and impose a 20% tax to punish them ? That's what the moron did. What's next, is he going to send Japan a bill for the mess they made at Pearl Harbor ? He's made his money by screwing others out of the money he owed them and now he thinks he's going to bully and screw the rest of the world. It's more likely that he'll shoot himself in the foot and screw America instead.
  • Trump is rapidly becoming a dictator! He wants to bring the USA into totalitarianism! As for the wall it is a stupid idea from the beginning. Isolationism does not help the USA but harms it and trade with other countries. Trump is leading the USA down the highway to totalitarianism and communism! This is what Hitler did in the 1920s and 1930s. Are the people of the USA going to allow this to happen? How long will Congress allow this to happen or is this where they want the USA to go. The wall is not for "protection" but isolationism. Trump is bad news and will take all our freedoms away very soon!

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