• The last time I went was in 1984..? Was 4 dollars..The Reanimator. A bad area where everyone looked crazy.. That was expensive enough. No idea what it costs now.
    • Ice man
      By the time you get yourself a ticket, popcorn and a drink you can expect to pay around $20/$25 per person. It's gotten ridiculous around here.
  • 8-29-2017 When I was a kid I paid 25 cents to see a double feature. That was a bit less than a quarter ounce of silver when a buck was still silver. Today silver is $17.60 an ounce, so a movie ticket for $4.40 is exactly even with inflation. The difference is that when I was a kid you only had to earn 26 cents to have 25 cents to spend. Now you have to earn at least $7.33 to have $4.40 to spend. So it's not the movie that cheats you. You can get on the mailing list at to learn how these ideas work.
  • Yeah, I mean I don't know about foreign countries but here in India, it is expensive to go for a movie. It's not the price of the ticket, but it's all about the expensive food. Like popcorn, it is almost 3-4 times the actual price, and even a bottle of coca cola is expensive at the theatre
  • And now there are groups working to decrease the unreasonably priced food at theatres
  • sometmes but not if someone else pays for it
    • Abha
      ha ha very true
  • sometimes
  • It helps to be a member of an art house theater that gives member discounts
    • Ice man
      I can see where that would help. Do you have to pay an annual membership fee ?
    • Roaring
      Yes I get a dual membership so i can take friends. About $65 for the year and well worth it. I see lots and lots of movies there for under $7

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