• They don't even come close to French Canadians!
    • Ice man
      LOL, you took the words right out of my mouth ! : )
  • I'm not Spanish and I'm loud. To be honest, it's a learned behavior.
    • Ice man
      Yeah but do you swing your hands around in the air when you talk loud ? lol Does it help ? : )
  • 1-24-2017 I don't know any people from Spain, but they certainly do not have a reputation for being loud. Did you mean some other nationality? Americans are awfully sloppy about identifying what nation they are talking about.
  • The Spanish can be loud at times, and they speak fast so it's hard to follow. But Dick is right, they don't even come close to French Canadians, especially when they're drinking. The more they drink - the louder they get. : )
    • dickw60
      Get 5 or 6 Francophobes (French Canadians) together anywhere and they are not only loud but obnoxious as well! Why do you think they are referred to as "frogs"?
    • Ice man
      Actually, I recently found out the answer to that very question and the answer might surprise you. It dates back to the 1700's when the French (France) were starving and the high class were enjoying themselves at the expense of the starving poor. The poor were eating frogs and anything else that they could their hands on. The upper classes thought the poor were onto something good and the idea of frog legs became a delicacy. This of course lead up to the French Revolution and the end of the arrogant aristocracy by way of the "guillotine". The English (with their bland boiled meat) thought the French to be sub human for eating frogs in the first place, and started calling the French ..."frogs". The name stuck, and to this day frog legs are still considered a delicacy, I'm told they taste a little like rubbery chicken. (I won't be trying them anytime soon).
  • not all of us, my voice is low
  • Spanish speakers in Mexico are soft spoken.
  • not all of us, i come from south america and im not loud
    • MichaelXD
      I said "soft spoken."
  • I have never met one that's so loud.
  • That's a cultural stereotype, but the stereotype often targets Italians, Portuguese, and other Romance language speakers as well. Perhaps the perception is due to cultural norms, or maybe it is because of the language. Personally, every Spaniard I know is generally soft spoken unless you get a few drinks in them or get them in a highly social situation.
  • People who drink are often loud. Why aren't you insulting the Americans too?
  • Try Nigerians, they are loud, and always sound like they are having an argument. I can't answer for Spanish, I've not known them to be loud per se, maybe passionate, but in Nigeria it is rude to speak quietly.

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