• The best way to deal with the one who used to be your best friend is to bang his or her heads together, (s)he obviously has two. If the victim prefers to be a lone wolf, perhaps it's best to leave her to sort things out her own way.
  • Hire goons to mop the floor with them. I'm tired of these bullies.
  • There is nothing criminal about this case,but the only legal thing you can do is sue them. Still,it will be hear say,and word against word,so that won't pan out in a court of law. I'd make friends with the victim and pan a new circle or tribal clique. Go ahead! Be brave. :)
  • Is your friend bothered by the bullies? Or does she just brush it off? If she's bothered by it and goes home crying after school, or crying in the girls room, or she becomes depressed and withdrawn; then you should intervene. Stick up for your friend. Let her know she is not going through this alone. If she doesn't seem to care about these bullies running their mouths then she knows it's probably coming from jealousy and that's why she doesn't want you to intervene, because it's not a deal.
  • Tell your friend to stand up for herself. And if she doesn't want your help, then stay out of it.
  • Do what you know is the right thing to do. I didn't stand up for someone that wasn't even my friend in elementary school and they stabbed her in the leg with a pencil! I'll never forget the look on her face! If its happening at school tell the teachers, counselor, and principal if necessary. It doesn't matter if this person doesn't even care about the bullying. There should be a zero tolerance for such things. This is why kids eventually come back and shoot up the school when they've finally had enough! True a girl isn't likely to do such things but people like this will bully others that might react differently. And this person does not deserve to be treated like this. Tell your own parents and hers and if possible make a list of everyone involved in the bullying. Seriously sweetie, you will be doing more for your friends and your school than all those people protesting at the capital over gun control which does NOTHING to reduce crime or violence! That takes people who stand up for one another!

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