• Around his mouth maybe.
  • 1-18-2017 That is so dum! Walls have never kept anybody out of a country. Besides, we need those people to pick crops. The number of Mexicans in the USA has been constant for as long as anybody bothered to count, except it has risen since the border was closed. they still come to pick crops, but now they can't go home again.
    • dickw60
      You are so correct! Crops would not be harvested here if it were not for the Mexican labor. The real problem is the constant flow of tons of drugs crossing the border weekly.
    • dickw60
      I just heard on the morning news today they captured some 1500 pounds of marijuana and 65 pounds of cocaine over night. This is a common occurrence here where I live.
    • Jewels Vern
      I don't see anything in the constitution about regulating drugs for any reason.
  • There already is a wall (fence) along most of the border between the USA and Mexico. It has done little good. It has slowed things some but not that much. Drugs still come across into the USA by the tons every week. Not until the demand in the USA and Canada stops will the border be free. How do I know this? I live 10 miles from the border in Texas.
    • RareCatch
      Aren't you scared? Better have some good voiceless dogs and lots of fire arms. Jan. 25
    • dickw60
      No, I am not scared. There is no need to be. I don't go into areas where there could be problems. I don't go into Mexico except to Nuevo Progresso during day light only. The problem is the drugs not those whom desire to work. Years ago there was not the drug problems there is today. Thousands of men and women came to the USA and Canada to harvest crops and make money to cloth their families and pay for their children's education. When the harvesting was done the workers went back home. There was little or no problems with the workers when they came here to work. Drug lords like 'El Chapo' (Shorty) are who cause all the problems on the border. As long as there is a demand for illegal drugs in the USA there will be problems. Too many innocent Mexicans will be injured or killed all due to the demands for drugs in the USA so those whom buy and use Mexican drugs are responsible for thousands of innocent Mexican people being killed.
  • Hell no them people are tunnelers. What good is a wall build one 10 feet tall and they will build a 12 foot ladder. Jan. 19
    • dickw60
      The fence there now goes about 10 feet into the ground from what I recall and about 18 feet into the air.
    • RareCatch
      Now they are using drones. What good is a fence? Did you see that one clip where the drove over the wall? They built a huge ramp! Jan. 25
  • Yes. I support the wall, but there also need to be additional internal measures taken to virtually eliminate undocumented immigrants.
    • dickw60
      Awww, another person who believes the lies of the news media. Again as I said above, it isn't the common people in Mexico that is the problem. It is those associated with the drug traffic. Hundreds if innocent Mexicans die in the deserts along the border every year. The Border Patrol and search groups recover over a hundred skeletal remains of men, women, and children who starve to death or die of heat stroke each year. These are innocent people who just want to work and get out of the dangers in Mexico because of the drug cartels. Come down here and learn the truth not what the news media lies about.
  • Its a wastage of resource and time. Some one tell Mr. Trump we are not living in the Age Of Empire time, Build wall to defend your town, bull shit.
  • He should build bridges instead.

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