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  • I've seen a lot of things in my time, but I've never been with a woman who wanted to snort spuzz up her nose. Drugs -yes, Jizz - no. Is this a common practice where you live ? Where do you come from ?
  • 1-18-2017 Emphysema.
  • I believe "Inhaling" was not an accurate word as the questioner is referring to swallowing semen in fellatio not snorting it. Semen supposedly consists of over 50 compounds including protein, calcium, vitamin B12, hormones and Zinc. It's hypothesized that ingesting semen during pregnancy can lower the risk of preeclampsia as well as prevent miscarriages and morning sickness which are said to possibly be caused by antigens destroying the material in the partner's semen due to their foreign nature. Science has not yet proven this solidly, however. The popular notions that semen has benefits such as promoting skin health, whitening teeth, or that it is effective as a dietary supplement are pure urban legend or misperceptions. Sources:
    • officegirl
      Haha right. Only benefit is that men like when we do it.
    • Temperance Brennan
      The only benefit definitely substantiated by evidence, indeed.

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