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  • You can't. During an orgasm a man basically - if briefly - loses control of his body. Once ejaculation starts, you can't stop it. Your thrusting becomes more intense as your muscles involuntarily spasm. Your heart rate and breathing increases and you may even begin to perspire to some degree. Your moaning is simply part of that. In effect, you vocalize the sensation of extreme pleasure. In fact, the more you concentrate on controlling your moaning, the less likely it is you will orgasm. Males basically stop thinking during an orgasm - it is very primal - and your animal instincts are coming to the fore. To the extent that you distract yourself, the odds are that your body will, to some degree, lose that intense sensation as your brain can only process so much information. So, pal, on this one, just learn to live with the risk - and assume that your parents understand what a teen-aged boy is going through in terms of sexual development. Odds are, if the walls are as thin as you say, and if you are as loud as you seem to think you are, that they have already heard you and just overlooked it. (Funny story. Years later, as adults, my sister kindly let me know that she could hear me down the hallway when I was a teen. She said she'd think, "There he goes again." (Thanks sis. I didn't need to know that.) P.S. By the way, this guy on the site wrote one of the best descriptions of a male orgasm from both intercourse and milking - that I have ever read. Here is the link: He must be a doctor. I consider myself a good writer, but I could never match this. P.P.S. Don't know if you saw, but I would be happy to hear how things are going with you and "the crush" if you are so inclined. Just answer the question that you first answered since nobody else is anyhow.

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