• the Stephanie Plum novels
  • The trio of books by Darwin Chandler (Philo Thelos) The Royal Law of Liberty, Divine Sex, and God is not a Homophobe. All three are well written and completely Bible based in each of the three books. Amazon gives them 4.5 to 5 stars each.
  • Warriors by Erin Hunter also
  • Hmmm...good question. I guess I'll have to go with Asimov, either the original Foundation trilogy or the original Elijah Bailey / R. Daneel Olivaw pair (duology? bilogy?). *** For a longer-running series, I guess I'll place Perry Rhodan at the top, but Atlan is (was) also really great. I've really liked (at different ages, mind): Encyclopedia Brown, The Three Investigators, The Boxcar Children, Nancy Drew (prob. the first 10 in the series, I never read the later ones), The first Xanth trilogy (funny and original), the first Thomas Covenant trilogy (very dark but very well-written), the Vulgar Unicorn shared world series, the first series of Amber novels (VERY good, VERY original), several Andre Norton multi-book character / series, such as Time Traders, Forerunner, Zero Stone (really interesting, wish there were more than two books), and Solar Queen.
    • Linda Joy
      I read the boxcar children, too. Forgot all about that!

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