• My son is doing all right with his school work, he doesn't only know about sex. In fact, he writes very well. He turns 13 this year.
    • we are dough
      Turns 13 what...?
    • Bootsiebaby
      His 13th birthday is on March 2nd this year. Are you really that stupid that you didn't know what I meant?
    • we are dough
  • Lol it's been awhile since I was in school, but I don't recall a lot of focus on sex education. Most the mechanics behind it and to wait until you are married. Son had sex ed this year, but when he need the finer point he came to his father. As for inability to write or read, I blame that on the rise of tech. Why learn proper grammar when your computer does all the work for you.
  • I don't blame the school, I blame texting. Everything is so temporary that people dash off a note and send whether it makes sense or note. If someone doesn't understand, the person just texts back a question mark or something. That makes people lazy about making themselves clear in the first place.
  • Not sure if I am being referred to here but I would point out that currently whatever we write ends up all smushed together in a single paragraph. Paragraphs are not posted, but if we go back to revise in order to get them we find they are there as we wrote them but again they don't post as paragraphs. Which is frustrating. (new paragraph) And I would point out that I didn't grow up with sex ed (left school in 1974) but nonetheless was pretty obsessed with sex anyway. And guess I still am though I'm 59. Not that I know everything. Who are these young people who know everything?

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