• Yes, I can fall asleep sitting up. Many people falling sleep as they are driving which is not cool.
    • Ice man
      No, not cool at all.
    • Ice man
      Thanks : )
  • 1-8-2017 For a long time, self respecting Europeans slept sitting up in bed, using pillows to prop themselves upright. They thought lying down was obscene. In Russia during WW2, so many scientists were being arrested that some would sleep in chairs in the hallway so their families would not be disturbed when the cops came for them.
    • Ice man
      An interesting factoid. Thanks
  • Can and have and do.
    • Ice man
      Three for three, the lady wins the triple crown !! (lol) Thanks.
    • officegirl
      Haha thank you!
  • When I was in the service there was this dude that could sleep standing up. It was so funny watching him he would wobble every way and not fall over! This is the honest truth!! Almost never heard of. Jan.08
    • Ice man
      I believe you. Our bartender at the veteran's club does that too. : )
    • RareCatch
      Like Feb.02
  • Yes. Did it once in my desk chair with my fingers interlocked on the top of my head. My elbows hurt like hell when I woke up about an hour and a half later.
    • Ice man
      LOL I did the same thing, except it was my knuckles that ached. Thanks.
  • Yes and no...I'm an insomniac, if I can grab some sleep anywhere, I'll take it.
  • When I'm extremely tired, I can practically fall asleep standing up.
    • Ice man
      That's the way I feel right now. It's 10pm and I've been on the go since early this morning. Thanks : )
  • If my wife is watching "Real Housewives of Atlanta", then, yes, very easily.....
  • I'm a Marine. I can sleep anywhere at anytime.
    • Ice man
      Same thing for oil rig workers. It was not uncommon to find a roughneck sleeping beside the pumps or in the big noisy generator shack.
    • Hardcore Conservative
      I can remember many nights being in the back of a Humvee, and having 20 Marines sleeping on top of each other bouncing around in the back. Haha. Good times.

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