• Unless he was in A.A. or something, I would find it very unusual.
    • Ice man
      Me too ! Thanks
  • Nationality and drinking habits do not influence my trust in people.
    • Ice man
      That's very good to know, but it doesn't answer the question. Does it?
    • officegirl
      But I think it does - she doesn't base her trust on nationality or private habits. But rather on whether people are trustworthy.
    • Ice man
      Yes, I understood that quite well but it doesn't answer the question - it avoids the question.
  • Very strange question and I had to read it over several times to understand it. Unless this is some kind of trick question or joke I would say I might well trust them as long as their alcohol intake did not affect their judgement. But that would be true of anyone regardless of where they were born. But I generally don't look in to anyone's private habits before I decide to trust them of not. Rather it comes naturally from my experience of them. Irish people that I have known did not drink any more than anyone else, but some of them just made a culture out of it. Or perhaps that is the kind of thing people hanging around in bars tell each other to comfort themselves.
    • Ice man
      The Irish are well known for being heavy drinkers (I have known many). They are also known for keeping their word and being trustworthy. The question was meant as a joke, but thank you for your answer regardless.

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