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  • I have with a former boyfriend and on dates that involved some kind of group activity. I should mention that it is pretty common and often even expected in such situations if we are all OK with it. And when my husband and I have had a guest not because he wanted me to but to make a better experience for her if she was OK with it.
    • dorat
      That's interesting. You seem more used to it than I was. As I think I explained elsewhere,. this is not something I would have gone out of my way to make happen. It just turned out that circumstance made it possible and it had always been a fantasy of my gfd's. The guy was a colleague and friend of my gfd's who met me at a Christmas party and mentioned to me gf that he thought I was good looking. From such small beginnings..... Anyhow, it went on for a month or two and then the novelty wore off. I was surprised that I enjoyed it more than I thought I would - though like vegetables, I wouldn't order it but if you put it in front of me. Still, I confess that in retrospect I am still surprised that I did it. May I ask, do you enjoy gay sex, or is this more - as you made it sound - almost an issue of "manners." (I think you have a different set of friends than I do.) Now that my gf and I are parents, we have tended to stay away from more experimental sex - our wild days are past us, I guess, though my gf gave me a rather unusual birthday present a few years ago, but that's another story I guess. Still, it sounds like you and your husband are still very active. If I may then also ask, what do you enjoy more, the gay sex or the group sex or even just with another guy, or with your husband? I tend to agree with you that we are programmed by evolution to want sex, but we are more than just instinctive beings, so I have to say, you have given me a different insight.
    • officegirl
      Hi! Well it is not "gay sex" unless the participants consider themselves "gay". Is just people enjoying one another. And providing enjoyment. And girl/girl at play gatherings is pretty common. Of course if someone doesn't want to be touched by me or another woman they don't have to be. But most women into being more open do like same sex activity. Of course not a substitute for guy/girl but appropriate in helping each other to enjoy more or when the men need a rest! As opposed to our expressing our attraction to and affection for one another. Not "experimental" at all but just very enjoyable activity with friends who are into it and OK with it. I try to be in the moment which means I try to be appropriate depending on the situation in which I find myself. Oh I am a very much man's woman (should that be in quotes?) and men are so fascinating and interesting to me! A lot of men, not all. Most men. Always something most special about being with a man who is very into me and likes me and enjoys me. Has always been easy for me to relate to men sexually but even now that I am older and have more things than just that going with me. I like being attractive to men and desirable. Which I still am to some extent - but not the same as I was when younger - goodness I look at myself in the mirror and I look like someone's grandmother! But when young I enjoyed as much but I was not as free nor did I know my capabilities and power until I got older. A lot I enjoy I needed to learn how. Don't know if that is answering the question in your comment. With Gerry it is about our private world, our friendship, marriage, our mortgage, family, friends, our supporting one another. With a group of younger men I am just all female flesh and organs and feelings giving myself and letting go and letting them take me wherever we go. Both the same mechanism but different emotionally and I guess psychologically. I love my husband and would not be without him but do love sometimes just letting go and letting them make love to me hour after hour till I am all feeling and liquid and melty. I am active but not to the extent I was a few years ago. As far as passionate sex one-to-one its probably over for me. But I am still in working order thank God and fortunate in that I still do get some some interest and attention.
    • dorat
      Thanks. I take your point. I used the term "gay sex" for convenience. I understand the distinction you are making. Still - and please forgive me for pressing the point, (you need not answer if it is too personal), I didn't get the sense that you enjoy sex with a woman. I enjoyed sex with a man physically, but even to some extent there was an emotional aspect. I should be clear, the guy liked me and only agreed to put "put on a show" for my gf if I would agree to having sex in private sometimes. All in all, it was a very strange experience. However, I can't deny that there was an emotional side to it. Like you, I see myself as very much a girl's guy - to stand your line on its head - so this surprised me. I would never want to do it again, but it turned out more pleasant than I had any reason to expect. As for your looks, I obviously don't know what you look like, but don't be so harsh on yourself. You sound great and are obviously a sexy woman. I hope you can get back to that passionate sex, too. I am lucky to have that with my gf and it rocks my world.
  • I mean im Bisexual so it works for me lol
  • Maybe.
  • Yeah maybe sure. Why not?

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