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  • Yes, I have often cried during particularly emotional, beautiful, and romantic love making.
    • dorat
      You sound like a great gal. Truth in advertising, I've cried a few times after particularly passionate sex. Not very masculine, I guess, but that is how I am wired. Do you mind if I ask, you often mention your husband. Has he ever cried? Sorry for asking and you need not answer if it seems to personal, but I ask to see how I compare. Thanks - and thanks for replying.
    • ladyEmma
      Yes, My husband has cried during sex too. No need to feel un-masculine about it. I like that my husband can show his emotions with me.
    • dorat
      Thanks for responding. He sounds like a lucky guy.
  • I guess I cry pretty easily. My husband has pretty much accepted that and no longer even looks up. Not that I do that much in front of him. It is feelings coming up that touch deep wells of joy as well as sadness. And also from frustration or inability to come up with anything better - like breaking down. My orgasms often start me going and sometimes I just do with every one. Once years ago my boyfriend was making love to me and I had been seeing someone else and felt really guilty and when my first orgasm came it all just came up and I cried like crazy and he wondered what was wrong but I was afraid to tell him and I just kept going and going like that. Once a few years ago I was with a group of people and some men thought it would be good sport to use this dildo on me which was shaped like a pagoda which had a string that erected the sides. Felt fine but when my orgasms started coming it was like however I moved the way it touched me it would start another O so it became like I was out of control and there was nothing I could do to stop them so I burst into tears and they got the message and deflated it and pulled it out. I do cry when I have had a wonderful experience with a lover singular or plural but its time for me to go home but I feel they have become such a part of me through our lovemaking that I don't want to let them go. The joys and the perils of extra curricular activity.
    • dorat
      Thanks for that honest answer. I especially liked your last line. There was something both witty and yet poignant about it. I hope you don't mind me commenting on a couple of points. I certainly understand crying after passionate sex with a lover. Maybe my most memorable - and in some ways embarrassing - experience was the first time I had sex with my gf. I had been through a very bad time and we had been dating for about a month. (I have explained what had happened to me elsewhere so I won't repeat it here.) When my gf and I had sex I was overwhelmed. After my orgasm I just started crying. Suddenly I felt wanted. Honestly, it was my first time with my gf, I should have been embarrassed, but she was so understanding and just held me and comforted me and I felt so loved. I get that experience. As to multiple orgasms sending you into tears, I can imagine how that might overwhelm you. However, it was interesting to me that you cry after a group sex experience because you bonded to all of the men. I don't really have any comparable experience. About the closest thing I have is when I was having gay sex. As I have mentioned elsewhere I got into it because my gf thought the idea was hot and a turn-on for her. I would not have pursued it myself. I remember you saying that watching your bf have gay sex had been rough and not romantic. That was not true with the guy I was with - I guess because he liked me. Our sex felt good - to my surprise - and was fun but had a gentler feel than what you described. I never cried, though. I do remember thinking how odd it was that I felt so emotionally tied to a man and that I liked feeling his naked body next to mine or feeling him inside me (or me inside him.) That was weird and I did feel close to him as we would kiss and fondle each other. I relate all this to show that it was intense emotionally. However, there was always some distance - very hard to describe - and I never felt so overwhelmed that I wanted to cry. The fact that you, in a similarly unusual situation, felt that level of attachment surprises me. I sense that it says something very special about you - your willingness to share yourself with others, especially men. May I ask if you have ever felt that way after a lesbian experience? I believe you said you have had one or two. (Mine, I have to say, was only one but over about a three month period.) I grant that I can be a crier sometimes. I cried when my gf surprised me with her first pregnancy. I cried each time that the nurse put each of my little babies in my arms for the first time. However, you'd kind of expect that. Your experience seems to speak to some deep ability to feel, and I have to say, somewhat even to my own surprise, that I respect that.
    • officegirl
      Honey (sorry to pull age and experience on you) girls are moved by sex esp great sex. Some one who at least saw themselves as "spiritual" once said to me that sex is like a promise - it means you are going to be together again. So there is that aspect of bonding and being taken care of and expecting to be taken care of again. I know it sounds like silly girl stuff but an evening with several men willing to give up their time and energy to make it good for me (and no doubt for themselves as well) has to be significant in any woman's life and after dozens of orgasms well of course we don't have a lot of what you might think of as ego left and we are just clingy masses of feelings and flesh just hanging on for life. So of course we cry. And I would guess the men willing to be with us like that are used to that - at least they are very patient with me and let me embrace and say goodnight to each one of them. I know some women just leave with their husbands or leaders with not a word but I could never do that. When I lived alone I used to cry as well when I got home or if too tired then the next morning on waking up. Now I have a husband to come home to and I know I am accepted as a wife even if a very imperfect one so don't need to cry when I get home. Not that I have that many such evenings any longer. Very few actually. "if truth be known". No as I have said before and will emphasize again - I do not think in terms like "gay sex" or "lesbian sex" and I have told you why in other answers and comments. Orgasms are such releases they bring up a lot of stuff inside us.
    • dorat
      No, I understand what you are saying. Besides, I am a guy who has cried during sex. (Intense orgasms do that - you are right.) I am a guy who cried when he was told that his gf was pregnant - and who cried when they put my children in my arms each for the first time. Who cried even watching when my gf was in labor - I was so proud of her. So I get it and I understand. Besides, I'll tell you a secret - men are not being patient when you cry during sex. Rather they love you for it because you make them feel special. I know that from the times that my gf cried during sex and I held her and comforted her. Talk about feeling like a man.

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