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  • Whatever is natural.
    • dorat
      Really? No preference at all? Most girls I have known have had very definite opinions on that one. (Happily, I have a moderate amount of chest hair which my gf says is ("juuuuuussssst right.") Thanks for answering.
    • Black Mystique
      @ Officegirl I love you~! I grew up thinking everything had to be a certain way.
  • I like it either way. It depends on the guy. My husband shaves his chest and I love the way it feels. For your bonus, I like a man in briefs.
    • dorat
      Hmmm. You are the second person to like it either way. Interesting as my gf very definitely likes the hair and does not like it when a man shaves anything but his beard. You two are as one on the briefs, though. Even then, most of the girls I dated before my gf liked either boxers or boxerbriefs. Few liked briefs. My gf absolutely hates the boxerbriefs - which I only wear in really cold weather. She says boxerbriefs look like a man's long legged pantygirdle. Ouch! By chance, anything you don't like when it comes to a man's underwear? Oh, and with briefs, traditional tightwhities or bikinis or colored or what? (Yeah, I should probably just post another question, I guess. Thanks for being patient.)
    • ladyEmma
      No problem. I much prefer briefs. Most of the guys I've been with would wear boxers or boxer briefs. Boxers are definitely my least favorite. They don't look sexy at all. They just look like a pair of light shorts. And like my husband says, I don't see why a guy would want to wear underwear that basically has no support at all. I tend to agree with your girlfriend's comment about the panty girdle. Boxer briefs are okay to me if the legs aren't too long. I like when they are shorter, otherwise it just doesn't look like underwear. I much prefer briefs and was so excited that my husband wears them. I don't like briefs to be too skimpy. A traditional cut or low rise are good. My husband wears Calvin Klein classic briefs, and they are so sexy to me. Any color is fine. I do like blue ones. But I would have to say my favorite are actually white briefs. They are so sexy to me.
    • dorat
      Thanks for replying. You and my gf have remarkably similar tastes - although boxers don't bother her. She also, no kidding, bought me super hero underoo briefs for men one time. Superman, Batman, Spiderman and a few others. That went over well at the gym with the other guys,,,but whatever gf likes she gets, That's my path to happiness. Ha. Thanks again for replying.
    • ladyEmma
      You're welcome. WOW! Your girlfriend and I do have very similar tastes. Those super hero briefs sound soooo sexy to me. :)
    • dorat
      Yeah, she loves the underoo briefs on me. I think you can find them online if you are interested. In fact, thanks to my gf, I like to say that I have the world's biggest underwear collection. There is also a brand - Canadian I believe - called Ginch Gonch that has men's briefs that look like they are for pre-schoolers - for example, I have a pair with little fire engines on them and another with little monkeys. Also both the boxers and briefs that are the famous white with red hearts - suitable for Valentine's Day as I like to say - and yes, I even have a few thongs. (Though I think the latter two types are different brands, but these days you can find anything online.) So anyhow, there you go, just doing my part for the two happiest couples in America - you guys and us. Best. A real pleasure chatting.

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