• Down time at work or at home when my husband is busy working. Because those are about the only times I get on so wouldn't really know very much about more objectively optimum times. Always difficult for me to think of decent questions and lot of the time I feel embarrassed about the ones I posted anyway. Not very creative.
    • Ice man
      Keep your chin up, it takes a while and if you'd like some friendly advice read on. If not then stop here.. Get ideas from the everyday things in your life, news stories, odd stuff on the internet, things that you've watched change through the course of your life, things other people have said, commercials on TV. I find subject matter everywhere (not that my questions are any better than anybody else's) and I usually come up with 2 or 3 angles per idea. Make a list of your ideas and work the angles around until your questions are right. Then post them, you might just surprise yourself. ; )
    • officegirl
      Thank you Ice man that has never been my area of excellence and in over six years I think I did not post more than 70 questions. Some people on the former AB used to post that many Qs every day. Most of my effort on here goes into making concise and full answers because I think I have something to contribute and want to share the benefit of my experience. What was good on the former sites were the private chatting and making net friends that way. Other wise as a game AB is not that important to me. Yes I did try some of the things you are advising. But I know my life is probably not typical of most people on here. I am interested in art and concert music which there is not a lot of support for on here. I don't know pop culture except what I lived through myself, don't go to motion pictures, or go to clubs any longer. . My husband and I earn enough we have really no wants present or future and no personal worries except just aging. We are fortunate enough to be able to offer financial aid to persons and organizations and I do fund-raising for musical groups. Yes I can talk about how things have changed, at least to me, and about sex but beyond those I know I don't have a hell of a lot of commonality (Is that a real word?) with most people on here. Ice man you are great because you reach out to people which I admire very much. And did want to mention that I discussed your criticisms with my husband last night. He thinks I have contempt for what I see as stupidity but don't want to admit it. And he says the reason I don't make many close friends is that it keeps me from playing their games which I need to do to some extent if I want them to relate to me. Guess I do think that most people probably do cut their own throats and make things difficult for themselves by buying into pie-in-the-sky thought patterns. We need to have hope in our lives but I just can't see what good deluding ourselves does. Oh well. Guess everyone has the right to mess up his or her life.
    • Ice man
      You made me smile, for that I thank you. : )
  • I think it's a mix bag. Mornings in general around 8 am M-F as people commute. Then there's the lunch time crowds, and I ready the most at night..
    • Ice man
      I think the mixed bag idea is right. Anytime I look around, I see more people all over the place with their eyes glued to their phones, their finger stroking the screen as they surf their favorite sites.
  • probably when people are awake but my questions don't usually get a lot of response
    • Ice man
      It's because you don't have an avatar.
    • Linda Joy
      I guess if I really want them answered I can take them to askreddit.
  • After eating three custard donuts and drinking two mugs of coconut tea.
    • Ice man
      That's an odd brand name. I prefer "Tetley", myself.
    • we are dough 68
      Everything about me is odd. Even the number of my testicles.
    • Ice man
      Yes, 17 is an odd number.
    • we are dough 68
      Are you a math teacher ?
  • whenever you want to
    • Jenny The Great ⭐
      That's what I'm talking about.
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