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  • This is probably normal and just means that you have not yet fully sexually matured. As your body begins to produce more semen, this will change. Right now, however, there is still not enough there, so to speak, and so your body is producing a mix of urine and a small amount of sperm. (Plus, there is something called in the jargon "precum" that is a clear fluid that comes before ejaculation. Your body produces this to protect the sperm as it leaves the penis. You are - at 13 - still young. (Boys sexually mature anywhere from as early as 11 to as late as 15, so you are well within range.) That said, if you are worried, don't be proud and ask to go to the doctor or see your school nurse. My hunch, though, is you are worrying over nothing.
  • Yes, you are correct. The male body has mechanisms in place to prevent urine and semen from leaving the body at the same time. But, you may actually feel like you have to pee--and may do so--even though you have an erection, but are not close enough to orgasm yet where your body can close off that sphincter 100%. I would make sure to pee just before you masturbate. This will eliminate the feeling of having to pee when you get close to orgasm. Then, you can focus on the good feelings you should be experiencing--your orgasm & ejaculation--without worrying about that distracting feeling of having to pee.

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