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  • One evening a week. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Please understand I am in late middle age.
  • My gf and I have sex on average about twice a week, but sometimes, like when we are on vacation, it is a lot more, or alternatively, if the kids are sick or something, we have it not at all. We both think it is important that we make time to have sex, and my gf is somewhat unusual - at least compared to some other women I dated - in that she believes that it is important to meet my needs. Generally, she believes that if I want it, I should have it as she has read, she tells me, that men need sex to be healthy and happy. In return, I try to be mindful of her situation and needs so that I don't take advantage of her.
  • About once every two nights on average. Sometimes it can be nightly for several days in a row. Three or four days with no sex is about the longest I go.
    • DAVE
      i like your sex drive
    • ladyEmma
      Thanks. So does my hubby. ;)
  • OFTEN!!!
  • Me and my husband usually have sex about 5 times a week still. We have been married for 12 years. I am 29, almost 30 and hes 33.

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