• Cadbury offers a flavour of Dairy milk chocolate which is made up of sea salt. I had it once and it was not that bad.
    • Ice man
      I haven't seen the Cadbury one yet, but when I do ...I'll try it too. A friend of mine was selling chocolate bars for his granddaughters' school project and I just reached into the box and randomly picked one out, gave him the money and put the bar into my jacket pocket with out looking at it. Later I realized I had selected a bar that was made with sea salt, and thought "Oh my, this is going to taste like crap", but I tried it anyway. Like yourself .... I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't that bad after all, and I kind of liked it. Thanks for your answer. : ) .
    • Abha
      hey it`s not sold single, it comes in the form of a gift pack. In that pack they give 4 types of dairy milk`s, and one of them is of sea salt. And really, it was good.
  • not yet, never heard of it
  • No, my body does not tolerate sodium well.
    • Ice man
      You must do a lot of label reading. There is a massive amount of sodium in a lot of food products today.
    • Linda Joy
      They even inject it in the meat! I try to stick mostly with fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • No. A few have washed up on my beach tasting of sea salt, tho. Does that count ?
    • Ice man
  • not yet

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