• A very good question. Some changes we adapt to, others we never do and it is probably because of our pasts. We learn things one way and then things change but we believe in what we have learned because our whole life and existence is based upon that. I have lived through some good changes but most of them I see as negative so I don't adopt them. Or adapt to them.
    • Murgatroyd
      But how many changes are really good, officegirl? The more I think society is trying to destroy the past, the more tenaciously I will cling to it. The more I feel that someone somewhere is trying to take something away from me, the more tenaciously I will cling to it. How am I supposed to still be like that and be expected to adapt to change?
  • I have no idea.
  • Adapt to change, but don't forgo your morals.
  • You don't have to let go of the past in a learning experience. Adapting to change is triggered when people face a significant discrepancy between what they expected and what actually happens during change.

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