• 12-16-2016 Choose a cheese from this chart: Choose an artisan bread that you happen to like. If you don't know a good bread, choose sourdough. Do not use plain white loaf bread for any reason. Build a sandwich and spread the outside faces with mayonnaise. Fry at a slightly hotter temperature than you would use for butter. Watch carefully to get it out at just the right shade of brown. Some people are going to want to know how you got such beautiful toast.
    • Ice man
      So basically - grilled cheese. Thanks
    • Jewels Vern
      That is the only toast I have eaten in over thirty years.
    • simplyhomefood
      Of course there is the old fashioned butter, but I'm also a big fan of toast with grape jelly. If there are other ingredients available, I could take something different, too.
  • Probably a tie between butter and peanut butter.
    • Ice man
      Mmmmm peanut butter. Ever mix it up with something else on top of the peanut butter? Like maybe, jam and thin sliced banana ?
    • ladyEmma
      I love peanut butter and jelly. Another thing I like to put on peanut butter is a little bit of honey.
    • Ice man
      Yup, those are great too..
  • Definitely peanut butter. Then cottage cheese I think. Yum.
    • Ice man
      Okay, I'll try that and report back. Thanks bUzz ! : )
    • Ice man
      Well yes that goes without saying, especially poached and with a slice of ham and a bit of Hollandaise sauce ! lol Thanks No : )
  • Beans, toasted nori, and slightly wilted spinach or salad greens.
    • Ice man
      Greens on toast - I've never heard of that before. I learn something new everyday. Thanks : )
  • Butter and Jam 😄
    • Ice man
      What kind of jam? I use to have a recipe for making strawberry/banana jam that was excellent. I haven't seen it in a couple of years so I think it might have left here in somebody's purse. : )
  • For breakfast peanut butter. I also like it oven baked with butter and Italian seasoning I make with basil thyme oregano and garlic. And sometimes I also sprinkle on some shredded Italian blend cheese. I used to make this all the time when I cooked at a homeless shelter.
    • Ice man
      Sounds yummy !
  • Chunky peanut butter and that incredible imported jam from France, "Bon Maman''s expensive but worth it...and no HFC!!!!! I LOVE the cherry preserves, also the blueberry preserves...look for it in the store & try a jar...great stuff.....
  • Enemies. Hence why they are usually toast.
  • Butter first, cheese and then jam.
    • Ice man
      Oooooh, I gotta try that !! : )

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