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  • No vehicle? What's that on your avatar, Ice man? Lol:)
    • Ice man
      I should have known ! Silly - That's my truck loaded to capacity with Ice. Sorry, no room left. : ) Now - YOU should have known ! (LOL) - Vehicle : a thing used to express, embody, or fulfill something. "I use paint as a vehicle for my ideas" synonyms: channel, medium, conduit, means, means of expression, agency, agent, instrument, mechanism, organ, apparatus "a vehicle for the communication of original ideas" Hahahaha - Got you back [sticks out tongue, like a child]. LOL
  • I support this wholeheartedly, I've been at the new bag for just about almost 48 hours and have already had to cringe a few times at typos I've wanted to edit. Additionally, I'd like a delete option as well including for comments as once I'd accidentally posted an answer as a comment. I nearly did it twice but the second time caught myself.
    • Ice man
      I know exactly how you feel. The cringe factor only gets worse when you realize we have a few grammar nazis rolling around looking for trouble. ; )
    • Temperance Brennan
      Good point.
  • You didn't beg as well in this one.
    • Ice man
      Go to your room ! : P
    • Linda Joy
      Only if you come with me! ; )

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