• If its a "conspiracy" then I guess the conspirators don't find those people innocent at all but want them to suffer. If not a "conspiracy" then could be they are paranoid or just looking for someone to blame outside of themselves. But mistakes or whatever innocent suffering is a part of life.
    • Nosmo King
      Let's get one thing straight, officegirl. I strictly forbid false accusation in 1970 and I absolutely never forgive people who do it after 1970. It was bad enough doing it before 1970, but to do it after 1970 is absolutely beyond the pale. People should get their FACTS right before jumping to stupid conclusions. Apart from anything else, jumping to stupid conclusions makes it look as if they are too impatient to think first, and that's something else I can't stand. If they take time out to get their facts right, it would not only save innocent people from suffering, it would also prove that the accusers are really the type to think first and not the type to jump to conclusions first. As I have already mentioned elsewhere on this site, I happen to be a Pisces, and people born under this sign always take everything personally. Pisces does not accept innocent suffering as part of life, so why do people expect that of me? Why should I deviate from what I was born to be, just to please or defend people I wasn't born to like? That's why I describe it as a conspiracy.
    • officegirl
      So you don't accept "innocent suffering" yet you choose to cause suffering?
    • Nosmo King
      And where did I say I choose to cause suffering? I most certainly would never cause innocent people to suffer.
  • Innocent people should never have to suffer, they should always turn the tables on those who conspire against them.
  • they can't get over it,that's why.
  • they shouldnt
  • Many people endure 'suffering' to learn lessons, gain experience that they can then use to help themselves and others in the future, and to grow empathy for others. Forgiveness being a VERY important lesson. It's not for the offender it's for the offended.
  • they shouldnt have to

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