• I honestly don't think so, Chelsea. I think you are worrying about nothing there.
  • well, I found 2 in mine so I guess you'll live. Had them since I was young.
  • I know I joke around a lot but for this once I'll be serious. No it's not cancer. It's actually a normal defense mechanism to protect your inner ear. As we age those hairs can get over grown and turn into a bush. For proof just look at the ears of a few old men. If you find that the thought of having hair in your ears irritates (pardon the pun) you can pull them out with tweezers - just don't go in very deep.
    • Ice man
      Okay, now I'm going back to fooling around - It's from listening to all that " New Order" stuff, and if you don't stop soon - You'll find hair growing on your chest too !! LOL
    • Queen Chelsea
      New Oder are the best lol
    • Ice man
      Okay, just keep an eye on those chest hairs. lol

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