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  • Don't know about "locker rooms" but yes we talk about men among ourselves because men are important to us. One way we bond is by sharing common experiences with and feelings about men. As far as "vulgar" yes I agree sometimes can be so and though some of what we say is more meant in good humor it could be considered "vulgar". Especially denigrating or humiliating or belittling talk which I try not to engage in but occasionally I do. But I don't consider honest talk "vulgar". And many of us just come from our experiences which at one time would not have been very numerous but as our lives have changed and we have learned more and more about ourselves and others and have engaged in more and more different experiences our talk will naturally reflect and come from our experience. I am 59 and when I was young we talked about men and sex more in a general and vague way as if we feared being judged by saying too much. Now we are much more direct and honest and we know more so we share that with one another. Yes we do sometimes run down men and that is part of the bonding but it is humorous and not vicious and because we love men and that is such a looming fact in out lives that we need to sometimes be lighter about it so we can laugh at ourselves as well.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Dec.02
    • officegirl
      Thank you. 12/2
  • Of course they do, and good for them. The times when it wasn't considered proper for a woman to engage in vulgar conversations were actually the times when the world was decayed to the point of being ruled by male chauvinism. The fact that the kinds of verbal exchanges you appear to frown on are now considered normal just goes to show that the world has at least progressed in that way even if it hasn't in other ways. In other words, if the rest of the world still had your attitude there would be no gender equality. Hadn't you thought of that before you ruined your own question by adding that sexist drivel onto it?
    • RareCatch
      Wonderful Dec.02
    • officegirl
      Yes but I agree with him insofar as he is talking about vulgarity of expression. A foul mouth is vulgar regardless of gender. There are other ways of expressing things candidly and honestly than descending into that as some people do.
    • Sammy
      That is your opion. In general women gossip a lot and love to make gross, nasty remarks about other. I notices you kiss up to women. Many men do that becuase they do not know how to stand up to a woman. I believe in equal gender. Honestly, most women do not do that. So you have a nice day.
    • Nosmo King
      Maybe some women make nasty remarks about each other, but I do not associate with that type. I prefer women who stick together in one big sisterhood and save their venom for the male chauvinists. I don't need to "stand up" to a woman, why should I?

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