• Yes enforced and "official" good cheer can be a drain. Our division Christmas party is today, officers party Tuesday evening, and we usually have an office party just ourselves right before Christmas. No drinking on the premises but polite drinking at the officers party which is off-site and in the evening.
  • Work? What work? Lol:)
  • Yes. I usually cater in a lunch and after we will do a grab bag gift exchange of gifts, gift cards and cash.
  • Yes and it's quite the "pain-in-the-ass" high brow affair where the upper management sneers at the workers who look out of place wearing street clothes. The workers are hard working family folk who would rather put food on the table than spend their pay on $800. suits. The workers will be let go early (5:oo PM) and the event will be held 40 miles away with supper being served at 6:oo PM. Not a lot of time to get cleaned up and get there on time, especially after working a 10 hour shift. : (
  • I'm a fish so my party is all under water! I do a lot of drinking! LOL Dec. 01
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