• I retired in 2006 and I have done nothing but read email and play computer games ever since.
  • Spend every minute I can with my gf and - I hope - our children's children. (I will be a superb grandpa, if I do say so myself.) Read - a lot. Write articles and maybe a book. Travel the world - I have already visited 38 countries, all but three while on vacation. (The other three were business trips.) Visit friends. To end where I began, I will cherish every minute I get with my gf, our kids and our grandkids and never forget that I had a great career doing what I love and that I have been the luckiest man alive. When I go, I want to know that I appreciated all that I had.
  • It's an interesting question and one that anybody who is close to retirement (and able to retire) should consider. I retired about two years ago but it was unexpected because I was laid off at 64 (i.e., forced retirement). I was financially ready to retire but not mentally and it took about a year to accept it. The thing that I think works best is get into walking or any kind of excercise one likes. When I'm not involved in projects I walk a couple times a week and ride my bike a couple times a week. We also travel quite a bit and see our grandchild as much as we can but remaining busy is critical. Otherwise you die and I mean literally.
  • I will probably only semi-retire. I have future venture plans that should keep me busy for as long as I want to stay active.
  • Probaly wont retire until I am old. My husband is three years older than me, he will be 70 when I am 67.
  • Coming up for me in several years if not sooner. All things I do now except more so. Volunteer fund-raising for arts groups, taking care of my step-grandkids (one so far), read, walk, listen to music, go to concerts, operas, plays. Maybe tease my husband by having a wildly passionate affair with someone half my age (wishful thinking). A little traveling with my husband. Though I know he will never completely retire but will take more time off. So I have to develop my own resources.

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