• We always did when we lived in Germany or in Pennsylvania thereafter. Now we live in sunny Florida, our snowy or icy days are gone......
    • Ice man
      That is one of advantages of living in Florida. We just got around 8 inches of snow in the last 24 hrs & expecting more overnight. Anyone here that hasn't made the switch yet will probably be making an accident claim shortly.
  • In southern Arizona "winter" means you add air to your tires as the temperature drops. In summer you have to let it out as the temperature rises.
    • Jewels Vern
      When traveling in Arizona you tear the map in half. If it's winter, you throw away the top half. If it's summer, you throw away the bottom half.
    • Ice man
      Good answer.
  • There's no need for that here besides the fact I don't have a vehicle.
    • Ice man
      The joys of being southern folk ..
    • Linda Joy
      There are many I especially like the southern hospitality.
    • Ice man
      Me too.

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