• Just tell the truth, whatever the truth is. You don't even have to tell me if you don't want to. Just tell your friend the truth.
  • You're in college, and you're dwelling on a middle school problem. Your "friend" isn't much of a friend to manipulate you with such silly sophistry. He/She hasn't said anything that you ought to care about. If they thought you had a crush on a particular person, and they disclosed the name of that person, that thought would either be true or false (neither of which would be any big deal). Since she's not even expressing a complete thought (because she doesn't have a name) she's not worth taking seriously. Until she starts acting like an adult and talking honestly to you, she can be safely ignored. If she continues to annoy you against your wishes, you can find better friends.
  • You best know yourself. That tell them the truth and if they doubt it, you cannot please everybody. But remember the 4 windows of consciousness: there are things you don't know that they know. Teehee ^_^ - bluebub

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