• No, can't say that I have. I've always agreed with the old adage that boats are "money pits". I've never had too much expendable income to consider one.
    • Azlotto
      Indeed... "A boat is a hole in the water you throw money into" Thanks for your answer.
    • Thriftymaid
      Not any great one, no. Some of my friends have wonderful sail boats and party boats. So see, I don't need to own one. :) Thrifty, huh! 11-22
  • Yes, I had a 14 ft. aluminum boat. I painted it camouflage inside and out (long before the camo thing became popular). Used it mostly for duck hunting.
    • Azlotto
      I also owned an aluminum boat I used for fishing pan-fish. I don't hunt or fish for trophies, I take game for food. So, you're a duck hunter...What is your scattergun of choice? Thanks for your reply : )
    • Ice man
      I haven't shot anything but skeet for many years now, but I love my two 12 gauges. 1st choice in nice weather is a Beretta semi-automatic, beautiful gun but they don't like the extreme cold and tend to jam temporarily. That's when "old faithful" comes out to play, a Remmington 870 pump action. Another beauty that just won't quit.
    • Azlotto
      The 870 ,imo, is the workhorse of all shotguns...I test fired some Benelli shotguns, but holy cow, why spend $1,000+ more than an 870 costs for the same reliability .
    • Ice man
      I couldn't agree more. I've shot alongside of guys with high price guns who got pissed because they couldn't get a second shot off after their guns jamed. My 870 is a beautiful gun and has never let me down. When you want to spend the afternoon emptying a few boxes of shells I'll take my 870 everytime.

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