• No and never thought about it.
  • As a girls growing up that I learn that there was another things males have in their restroom. It was call urinal. I learn they can use a urinal because they can stand up and pee in it because they have a penis (a tube that stick out from the body) to pee in them. There are urinals which hangs out from the wall. Those urinal girls can use. Because we can stand over it and pee as boys do. I know when I was growing up they did not have urinal in girls restroom but now they do. There there on the wall near the sink. It for girls who what to pee standing up and for moms who bring in their sons for safety reason. It took some time to get use to walking in the restroom and see a urinal. There be time you would see a boy peeing in one of them. I tell my girls how I experience them growing up. At times when we were on a girls sport team that we would have to use the boys locker room at the visited school we playing at. At school at times when boys have a speaker come to talk to them that all the boys had to use the classroom which means the two classes of health we girls had would have gym that hour. We use the boys locker room. This is when I learn what they were and some of the girls would explain to me they seen their brother use them. Yes we females can use urinal if they are the right kind. When my dad take me and my brother to the pool and I when into the boys changing room is when I saw them and saw boys use them.
  • Still not interested since I will probably still need to wipe myself after peeing standing up. I don't think guys wipe themselves after peeing...or should I say I know most don't LOL :-) Thanks for sharing the magic cone on another question you I'll use when traveling or using public restrooms.
    • Sammy
      Males do not need to wipe their self. The shake the drops off. Many girls and women do pee stand up and they can do that if they what to.
  • no, ive never used one
  • Whaaat? I've never seen a urinal in a women's room before. Maybe it used to be a unisex room and then changed to a women's room. That's weird. As weird as people who stand up to wipe their asses.... Even if I was outdoors I wouldn't stand up to pee- I'd squat.
  • No. If you ever catch me doing so, please give me some medication !!
  • not yet
  • No, I never have done such a thing.

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