• I agree, but there's something you should know if you want your questions to be seen. Questions put under the "About Answerbag" category don't show on the main " Question" page or the "Happening Now" page. I just happened to be poking around here and stumbled upon your question ... or you'd probably never get an answer.
    • Bootsiebaby
      Yes, I have noticed that. I don't think they like us asking too many questions about Answerbag, which I often did in my early days. I suspect that was why I got on the wrong side of the Community Leaders. Lol:)
    • Ice man
      Could be.
    • Queen Chelsea
      If thats the case lets hope Mrs Cleaver never returns as a CL or antbody she didnt like like myself all questions will be moved to about answerbag so they cant be seen or answered, i wonder what that sweet little lady is up to, hope she wasent run over by a bus
  • I hope they bring AB4Adults back.
    • Kenz the Frenz
      Yeah, me too. :)
  • There is an Adult category here, I posted one question in it (it hasn't been answered yet). Whether they've restored the old AB4Adults, I dunno.
    • RebeccaSJ
      How do we get to it?

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