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  • Sometimes when you're in a relationship, you want things to be private and special....between the two of you.
  • Of course we want to look good but please understand that has to do with how we are taught to think about and see ourselves in society. Guys more take for granted how we look and sounds like your boyfriend wanted something from you more exclusively geared to him and his interest in you and not just what society sees. In other words something he would feel was more personal than just pretty pictures. Anyone can see you are beautiful but he wants from you communication that is more special and personal for just him. You to reveal a special part of yourself to him in your communication with him, not pictures.
  • If you're friends on social media he already sees those pictures anyway. There's no need to send them to him. Also it's more important who you are than what you look like. He wants something private special just for him something of substance.

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