• Not even close.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent answer~Sure not the same I belonged to the old one 8 years and really enjoyed it. Nov.13
  • Yes it is. Seems amazing doesn't it? But it is clearly under construction. Hope they add more social stuff soon.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent answer~I guess they are in the first grade level now. Needs lots of improvements! Nov. 13
  • Someone finally bought it. Idk if it has the same rules, like asking any question u want, no matter how nutty it is.
  • Hi UM! It has been a little while. "Anonymous" on the former site. They would not let me use my real email address and said it was "already in use"!? So had to come up with another one.
    • Satisfied Pilgrim
      I went to the Forgot Password page, entered my email, it sent me a reset email, and I got my account back.
    • Unicorn Man
      Hi Office Girl, are you the Anonymous I think you are? "Ann" but first name begins with a D?
    • Unicorn Man
      Thanks SP, if only I could try that :( And Office girl, I see by your Avatar that you are indeed the "Anne" of old AB fame.
  • so far in name only.

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