• Totally not ready~! Usually start next week with getting my list together and up the Christmas tree up after Thanksgiving.
  • No, I haven't started. As a matter of fact, ever since my mom died, Christmas pretty much died with her. Her being gone has taken most of how I felt about the holidays away completely.
    • RareCatch
      Me also
  • I always start getting ready after Thanksgiving. Stores seem to start getting ready before Halloween. I think this year I'm going to Unplug the Christmas Machine and have a really low-key Christmas.
    • RareCatch
      Excellent Nov 09
  • I usually put the Christmas tree up about a week before Christmas. No need to put it up a month before.
  • Yes, I have already planned for Christmas celebration and have started shopping too. Like last year, this time also, I have ordered Real Christmas Tree online. And, I felt that I have made the best decision ever to purchase Christmas tree online from I can proudly say that WaldDirekt is the only online store, which offers the freshest, finest quality, locally grown Real Christmas trees with free home-delivery in Germany. Guys, if you really wanna save your time & make this Christmas memorable, then book Real Christmas Tress online asap from this online store. Thanks...!!
  • no, i hate christmas, my family is jewish and my friends wont invite me over
  • Christmas was downsized over time and continues to be downsized. The tree begging of December, or after Medicaid closes which is the 7th of Dec I like to save as much as I can during the year, because some big purchases can be made during the holiday .
  • i come from a jewish family and my friends wont invite me over so i dont bother with christmas, also, are you the same person on yahoo answers thats asking all those christmas questions? just wondered
  • no, my family is jewish and friends wont ask me over so i dont bother with it

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