• Nothing I can speak of here.
  • It was fun and exhausting. Still recovering from all the candy and walking
  • Average.
  • it was okay, i didnt go trick or treating
  • Uneventful.
  • Only one group of 5 kids came to my door. I donated all of the candy I bought to my grandson's college friends.
  • You're out of date because that was last month. I've had better moments on Halloween time in the past. This year was not as good because of the coronavirus affecting a lot of things but members of my family dressed up including myself. I enjoy the dressing up part and nothing else. Bangers and fireworks makes my dog bark a lot. Enough of Halloween for now because Christmas is on its way next month.
    • Jenny Rizzo is brilliant ⭐
      Thumbs up since we are a week and a half past Halloween. If you understand, many questioners ask questions for the sake of asking.
    • Shadow
      I understand
  • Me and a female rural friend who spent the weekend at my house attended a Halloween party that was thrown at my workplace. With as much fun as we had, it feels like Halloween was yesterday, even as I am writing my answer on 11/11/2021.

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