• Douche.
  • Dumb as a bag of hammers. Lochte isn't merely dumb, he's more like a Gold Metalist in the Olympics of Dumb.
  • Awesome,with all the publicity he got it's a wonder a movie isn't being planned.
  • I think it isn't possible to know what everyone thinks of him. And there's many reasons for this. Reasons like; Many people have never heard of him (such as young kids, old people, sick people, and people who don't watch TV or have internet) so they will not be able to form an opinion of him. Then there's the people who do know of him. Many will form an opinion from what they read in the media, and whatever that may be is not knowable, as everyone who does know of him has not opened up about their views on him publicly (I guess these would be mixed views, but that's just as guess), and some people who know of him will judge him based just on his athletic abilities. Then there is the people who know him personally (family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues, teachers), and again I guess the views will be mixed, but probably a bit more personally biased.

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