• Hopefully not.
    • ReiSan
      I hope he beats crooked Hillary Clinton. He did win over her.
  • In politics, you never know until the end. He could get good act together and look good in the debates. Or Hillary's deleted emails might be found and show criminal wrongdoing. Who knows? But in politics, it not over until it's over.
  • Yes, very much so. I don't know about your area, KDP (i take it you're KDP from the old AB based on your avatar), but in righty1's area, all I see are TRUMP/pence!!!!!!!!!!! They like him 'round here. I do, too.
  • It is so bad that many/most people are going to be appalled no matter which way it goes. Financial advisers are advising that the economy is due to crash at any moment. Hanjin, one of the biggest shipping companies, has gone into bankruptcy and creditors are refusing to accept US bonds in payment. Nobody knows why that didn't trigger the collapse, but timing and details of a collapse are always unpredictable.
  • There is only one poll that counts. Just for one example, People don't vote for a candidate, they vote for electors. The electors are not required to vote in any predictable way, not even if they promise something, not even if their state law requires something. So it's not over until it's over.
  • Yes...just let Comey peel back a few more layers of Hillary's email scandal and Trump will have the honor of sending her to prison.
  • I hope so. #MAGA
  • You fell for the media lie....
  • And then he won! It's not over till the fat lady sings.
  • Sadly the baby bully has won so far , he makes me ill the way he acts like a fool
    • Army Veteran
      Better to act like a fool than come into AB and remove all doubt.
  • I thin we learned a little about polling. Media will do anything to help get their candidate elected. I hope someone important explains to them that isn't their job nor their privilege.
  • obviously the mainstream news lied about that.
  • If he is not in jail, the 2024 election could be won by DT.
  • If you're so afraid he'll win, you should have no problem crossing the border into Mexico - I'm sure that lane isn't occupied. Think about how much cheaper it is to live in Mexico - and drugs are easy to come by. I'm just surprised you didn't go there when the Big Bad Bully was elected in 2016.

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