• In the UK you legally have to be 16 to get your body pierced, although a lot of shops will refuse to do it for under 18's.
  • A reputable place will require you to be 18, but may be 16 with parent consent. Ear piercings are usually allowed younger, but will need a parent signature.
  • Here, in oklahoma, most shops require that you are atleast 14 years of age but require a parent or gaurdian to be present.
  • Well I live in Fl and they say its illigal for under 15, 16, etc.. but thats not really true, you just have to search around and see who will pierce you at whatever age, because I have my monroe and navel pierced and i got my monroe at age 12 and navel at age 13 and i couldnt find any place that would pierce me cause they said im to young, but i finally found a place that did, and my monroe is perfectly healed, but my navel isnt fully healed yet cause i just got it done, so yah you just gotta look around. i guess it sometimes depend on where you live.
  • its probably 18

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