• no, you are not supposed to mix bird breeds in the same cage..
  • If they like each other then it is. If they don't get along then don't. Birds, especially parrots, are very picky about whom they like and don't like, it's best to let them decide if it's ok.
  • Well I would not advise it unless you have a hugh cage. If they grow up together from babies they might be alright. But I would not put two adult bird together like that.
  • having bred lovebirds for several years, I would strongly advise you not to mix lovebirds with any other species than lovebirds. I have known lovebirds to chew each other to pieces over mates, they can get very very nasty!!
  • Lovebirds aren't very aggressive in general but female lovebirds when breeding are. And since lovebirds love being in pairs, they will more than likely be breeding whether you like it or not. And with that big beak, much bigger than a poor little budgie's, it could end in missing parts to death. Do not keep them together.
  • NO!!! lovebirds and be very very territorial!!! u should never mix birds who are not use to being together ever! no matter the type of bird...the only birds that should be put together are mates!
  • no . birds unless of same species should never be kept together. even somtimes the same species can only go together during breeding periods.
  • lovebirds are not nice most will not get along with other birds. i once worked in a pet store that have a very mean female lovebird. she even had adult macaws afraid of her
  • All of the replies to this questions carry the same answer which is 'no'. However if a budge and a lovebird are kept in seperate cages but fly in the same room, then i don't think there would be too much trouble. The issue does seem to be a territorial one, however i did recently go to a reputable pet store and saw two budgies and a lovebird living quite happily together..

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