• The difference between an analog and digitial computer is the type of data they process. Analog computers process measured data. A speedometer in your car is a common type of analog device. A digital computer processed descrete data (digits). In this case 0 and 1. Digital computers are most common. PC's, MAC's are digital computers. A big difference is an analog computer's output can vary even if the input is identical. A digital computer can be very precise. For instance, a gas pump might tell you that you pumped in 5 gallons of gas but you could have gotten 4.99 gallons or 5.01 gallons. If you asked a digital computer to add 5 and 6 together, you will always get 11. By the way. A gas pump is actually a hybrid computer. Although it processes measured data, that is how much fluid has passed through the gas hose, the data displayed to you, the amount of gas and how much you owe is in a digital format.
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  • 4. Advantages of Digital Computers 1. Digital computer use binary data strings (0 and 1) to reproduce data 2. Noise and distortions have little effect 3. It makes high-quality data transmission possible. 4. It is very precise in its output

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