• They can but there's more risk of injury. Many gymnasts switch to diving because they have grown too tall. -------- To be a world class gymnast, it's necessary to be flexible and have good balance. "It may also help to be petite." In 1992 the average female Olympic gymnast was 4 feet 9 inches and 83 pounds. Betty Okino, who was on the 1992 U.S. gymnastics team, was plagued with injuries after she grew from 5 feet 2 inches to 5 feet 4 inches in one year. According to Jack Gensen, then the team physician, "Athletes like Mary Lou (Retton) and Kim (Zmeskal) are shorter and stockier. Betty is very long and her muscles are longer and different. I don't know this for a fact, but that may make the training harder on her body type."
  • there is a tall russian gymnast, can't think of her name. she was at the last couple of olympic's and won medals.
  • gymnast can succeed at this sport tall gymnast might have to try harder but doesnt matter on weight or height as long as you give it your full effort
  • and by the way im a tall gymnast i quit for 3 years but im planning on going back in at 5"8-5"9
  • I think they can, but my height was always an inconvience when it came to gymnastics. I did get hurt more than the other girls and when it came down to it, they didn't want to adjust the equipment just for me. I went to cheerleading for a while after.....They like tall!
  • Tall Gymnasts look very elegant but a lot of moves and some of the tumbling is very difficult. For tall females the parallel bars are more difficult but look fabulous if they can really work them. My reply would have to be yes but they have to work much harder but look much more graceful
  • It depends on how tall. It is less of an issue for male gymnasts as it is for female gymnasts. I know of some incredible successful male gymnasts who are quite tall but it is very rare for a female gymnast to be very tall. Svetlana Khorkina is the tall russian olympic level gymnast that everyone talks about. Yes, she is one of the greatest gymnasts the world has seen, everyone uses her as an arguement that gymnasts can be tall. But she is only 5'5", but in gymnastics considered a giant. 6 foot tall females just don't survive in gymnastics.
  • Doesn't seem to be to big a problem for this 6 foot gymnast :
  • We can say everybody succeed in the everything, if one has determination to succeed. No doubt. their is advantage of being tall. you have to put little less efforts and focus more.
  • i dont see why not
  • only in a few events

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