• It should work. I'm pretty sure the point of sim cards is that you can easily change phones by using the card.
  • I don't think you can, because I just tried that, but the other way around. We have t-mobile and my husband busted his phone and my dad had a cingular phone and it asked for a restriction code, which neither Cingular or T-mobile would give me.
  • We dont have either of those phone carriers here in Australia, but generally unless the phone is "unlocked" you cannot. What happens is when phones come out via phone companies they lock them into there network so only people on T-MObile for example can use that specific phone. Of course they do unlock them, but only after one or more of the following have happened: 1. You pay to have it unlocked. 2. Your contract/plan finishes with them and they may unlock it for free. 3. You have had it for a specified amount of time. 4. You have used enough credit with them and they may unlock it for you, or at a fee.

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