• Marrow soup. Basically it's a survival tactic, you take bones that you find (that have been picked clean) break the bones with a boulder into manageable sizes and boil for an hour. You keep adding water to the reduction. The fat within the marrow provides the nutrients. You can add any edible plants that you find as well and for the hearty, any bugs or grubs that are available....
  • Gordon Ramsey's broccoli soup. He's featured it on two of his 'Kitchen nightmares' shows, as an example of a simple yet fabulous soup. I should have known something was wrong when the diners raved about its great color, rather than its great taste. The recipe? Boil broccoli in water, puree, then add salt and pepper. It tastes exactly like pureed, plain broccoli. Don't get me wrong, I like broccoli...but this belongs in a baby food jar!

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