• SK is a pretty good democracy and pretty affluent. NK is a psycho-state whose Chief Psycho, Kim Jong Il, is virtually deifying himself and starving his people (literally; folks are eating grass and tree bark) to support his military. Hopefully when NK collapses Kim won't lash out and attack SK as a last-ditch effort to keep himself propped up. Germany had serious problems reunifying East and West after 1989; there was about a 10-to-1 disparity in living standards. In Korea, it's 100-to-1. No, I don't remember where I read that, sorry.
  • The same difference that were between North and South Vietnam; a culture divided by political action.
  • North Korea is north...South is south....
  • North Korea is otherwise called the Democratic People's Republic of Korea or DPRK. South Korea additionally passes by the Republic of Korea, or ROK. Japan ruled Korea from 1910 up until World War II.

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