• For time reasons I prefer to fly but if I have the time the train is a great option. When I was 18 I took the train from California to South Carolina. It took 6 days but the scenery was fantastic, partly because the train travels where the highways and roads do not, I got to see big horn sheep, huge herds of elk and other wildlife that I would not have seen from a plane or even a car. You can also sleep whenever you want or get up, use the restroom, stretch, walk around and grab a bite to eat without having to stop or wait to get to a town ot city. I dont know how to drive so that is out and the bus...NO WAY! Being cramed on a bus that long is not appealing to me.
  • Ive never been on a train - I think I would enjoy it more than driving or flying indeed
  • I like driving. I do it a lot in my job and I do not mind it at all. I am getting paid well and I see a lot of interesting sites. When I fly it seems "clinical" if that is the right word. I usually try to talk to people on the plane but these days most have an Ipod in their ear or some other thing that tells me they do not want to interact with another human being. I find this sad.
  • I love driving around and there are some many places you can explore with a car or other vehicle. I love to go up every dirt road. I suffer from around the bend-i-tis. But the train does take you places cars can't. Many tracks travel through canyons and along cliffs long denied cars. I'd still go with cars, though, especially a convertible.
  • The train. Public transport is great in Perth, and the train doors open out in a really cool, 70s sports car kind of way.
  • Flying, if I have wings. Otherwise, I only take airplanes if I want to get somewhere fast...being in them makes me crazy. Driving can be soothing, but supposedly you have to stay awake. I've only ridden a few trains and I really like them. So I'll go with the train.
  • If I had the time and money, I'd love to travel all over this country by train. i fly for convenience. i drive for shorter trips.
  • I love the train so much my husband and I took one on our honeymoon to Savannah. Second choice would be to drive. There is no third choice here because I don't fly - PERIOD!
  • Well trains don't fly and I'm not an engineer, so I don't think they will let me ride one. I guess that leaves riding; not much of a choice for me... :-)
  • As long as we're choosing things I can't afford much of right now, I'd like to take a trip on one of those commercial space flights - but not the maiden voyage. I'll be a space monkey, but not a TEST space monkey.
  • Drive...
  • Drive. My feet and car are staying on the ground.
  • Take A Plane
  • Drive I am scard to fly,boat is ok but i would rather drive.
  • Fly in a plane, but I think I would enjoy traveling by train, but no service is offered in my neck of the woods.
  • Boat. Humans can swim if the boat sinks. We can't fly if the plane's crashing.
  • Well, I can swim, but not for hundreds of miles and I know I can't fly. So I have to stick with driving on good old terra firma.
  • Driving is fun, or for me, sitting in the passenger seat is preferred. I love being behind my hubby on a motorcycle. Planes are NOT for me. And I love boats, especially ferry boats with our car or b9ike on there, going through the sound in Washington or Canada.
  • I would rather fly there over 100'000 car accedents a day compared to 11 plane crashes a year in the air over American soil you are the safest in a car you can be parked and someone's car can run into yours. 1.5 car crashes happen a second which means by the time you are done reading this there has been between 10 and 30 car crashes.
  • It depends on costs and convenience. I'm off to Australia right now and of course,I'm flying (but I would not turn down a cruise to Oz either). Once there, I will be flying within the country on long distances, been driven on short distance and taking trains on mid-distances. I love all three because it gives me time to observe while someone else drives.
  • I'd rather Harley it, any day!
  • depends where i need to get, but i love driving
  • I prefer to fly whenever possible.
  • driving at any cost
  • none of the above
  • As I like to see all around me when I am going somewhere I like to take the train: Intercity. It is comfortable and very fast. I can eat, drink and look around. Nothing better than that. Bobbie

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