• Because he is from California, and was the first in a long time to not be one of the good old boys. Plus he is damn good and it is more fun to root for the underdog not the favorite I suppose. The movie days of thunder with Tom Cruise was suppose to be loosely based on Gordon's move into NASCAR. Or so they say.
  • Because he's so good.
  • oops. this was supposed to be a comment. sorry.
  • They don't consider him a "Good ol' Boy"
  • If you look at anyone who exceeds exspectations or just the norm most people are jellous, butt there are people like me that are true and brand savy!! gordon made his way to nascar with the backing of ford when he went big "winston cup" at the time he drove a chevy! It dont seem like a big deal untill you thiunk pritty boy would have never had the chance without dadys pockett book and ford n i fuckin hate ford! butt thats fuc*ed

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