• I don't know him but as another Rev. Peter I abhorr what I guess he is doing, it is cheap, wrong and unbiblical, punish him severely is what I say!
  • Well all I do know, is that I and my elderly mother attended Rev Popoff's miracle blessing revival in Jacksonville Florida July 2008. I had suffered with severe pain in my neck and upper spine from two car accidents for many years. I recieved my healing at his service that evening,I am not saying he is responsible for my blessing,but he was there with many other Christians praying to God and now I have good health,no pain and I pray that Jesus continues to use him to reach out to many others in need.Just remember Rev Popoff is just a man but he is a man for God,and only God knows him and we shouldn't judge Rev Popoff.Thank You Jesus for my healing and for giving me the courage and opportunity to attend one of your disciples revivals.
  • I wouldn't trust anything from the man who conned hundreds of people a number of years ago at his crusades. He was wearing a concealed ear piece, listening to his wife tell him personal info about the people he was praying for. Check this vid out about a minute in.
  • Many years ago James Randi, a magician who uses magic to show how scam artist deceive people, presented a video that showed how Popoff was using his wife to get information from the audience, passing it to her husband saying that he was receiving a message from God. He was wearing a special kind of hearing aid that received signals. He would say something like: "So here you are coming from Columbus, Ohio and you have kidney problems...." People were amazed, but what happened was that his wife would transmit the was not from God. In other words, he is a fraud.

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