• I don't think anyone knows really lol. I'd say trance and electronic music is about the same. And I'd say dance, club and techno is kind of the same music too. Usually when you shop on I-Tunes for that kind of music, its based between "dance" and "electonic" music. Dance is more of the stuff you'd hear in a club, the fast up beat stuff. Electronic still has a good beat, but in my opinion gives the artest more freedom to do what he wants. And electronic music can be a little slower then dance too. But this is just my opinion from being a listener, I don't make the music, so I can only share my opinions.
  • Disco started and was popular in the 70s, influenced by funk, soul music, and salsa. It was performed with live instruments. The modern types of dance music evolved from disco, but use electronic equipment like synthesizers and samplers. Club music is a general term that includes anything highly danceable and energetic; the kind of music that is played in a dance club--usually house and trance. "Dance" usually describes dance music that doesn't fit into the established genres of house, trance, and techno, but is instead more pop-friendly and often includes remixes of top-40 songs or pop classics. House and techno emerged in the 80s and trance developed in the 90s, but each genre has evolved and is very different today. House tends to be 120-130 bpm, with mainstream trance at 130-140. Techno these days tends to be near house tempos. As for differences besides tempo: I would say house focuses more on melody and has a more prominent bassline. It tends to be upbeat and provocative and makes you want to move your hips. It feels warmer and often uses more live-sounding samples. Most house is influenced at least somewhat by funk. You could compare house music to a funk band. Trance focuses more on chord progression and layered sounds. Even when played at the same tempo as house it tends to have faster rhythms. So it's busier both sonically and rhythmically. Another big thing is the build-up, breakdown, drop structure. House builds and releases energy, but not to the epic extent that trance tends to. Trance will often have long breaks where there is no beat and the tension just keeps building until the beat drops back in. Trance can be uplifting but it tends to have a more dramatic and sometimes dark mood. It can feel colder or more completely electronic than most house. You could compare trance to an orchestra in some ways. Techno today is more about unique sounds and rhythms. It tends to be darker and colder like trance, but even more minimal than house. Energy changes are more subtle. It sounds the most mechanical of the three. Then you have things like progressive house that provide a gray area and all kinds of sub- and hybrid genres that make everything hard to categorize. Progressive house takes a lot of elements from trance and techno, enough that it doesn't always feel like house, but retains enough house characteristics that it can still be considered house. It sits happily (though ambiguously) between house and trance in most contexts.
  • disco is old REALLY old and has lyrics to full songs with brigdes and choruses . the whole sha-bang House is mexican stlye techno club is well , just what they play at clubs..and gay bars Dance is like uhn tiss uhn tiss unh tiss Over and over and over and over trance is kinda more like techno without all the major beats and techno is is damn good if you know someone like moi to point you in right direction no way to explainz it , just have to hear it !
  • Disco= BeeGee's,First Choice House= Mr. Fingers,Marshall Jefferson,Adonis Club= Madonna,Captain Hollywood Project,Sound Factory Dance= Madonna,Billy Ocean,Daft Punk Trance= PPK,Arman Van Buruen,Tiesto Techno= Derrick May,DJ Hyperactive,Juan Atkins There is a difference , you have to listen.
    • rooruu
      Maybe beats per second/minute / or bps/m??

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