• hardly ever, only to avoid an accident.
  • Almost never. I only use it to warn other drivers that I'm there. Sometimes, I accidentally press it, but that's fairly rare.
  • Hardly ever, but when I'm in a tunnel or something I love to honk and get the other cars around me honking too.
  • Not often. If I see someone do something REALLY stupid and dangerous, I'll lay on the horn. On the other side of the coin, I always honk at my parents when I leave their house.
  • I use it a lot. I don't go overboard and use it to vent my anger randomlessly, for example. I think it's a very useful device for warning other drivers and pedestrians. Two or three small honks do the job.
  • I don't think I have ever used it. Haven't had a need to and I don't like the noise.
  • Only once and that was a few weeks ago when a Van side swiped me and drove off at high speed.
  • I rarely ever use my horn. I have only used it a few times in the last year and I think that is because someone almost ran into me.
  • If anybody honks, whether it's at me or not, I get an instant jolt of anxiety and panic. Sure it's a rush and effective tactic to make everyone more aware, but I try to avoid putting others through that unless it's absolutely necessary. I especially hate it when people are too comfortable on their horn. They instantly become an asshole.
  • I'm neither French, Italian, nor Mexican, so I never use it.
  • I only use my horn when absolutely necessary for driving safety.
  • Rarely, only if I think someone doesn't see my vehicle. So many drivers are distracted, I should use it more, even if people ge upset.
  • Too often. God help you if you are trying to make a left when there's no left turn and I'm behind you.
  • only if someone is backing into me or a kid has ran out into the street - rarely
  • All too often. There's a certain intersection that I frequently drive through, with two left hand turning lanes. When you begin the turn, there are broken lines in the road to indicate which lane you should end up in when you complete your turn. People in the far left lane for some reason think it's perfectly acceptable to drift into the OTHER turning lane, where I am trying to complete my left hand turn and nearly smash into me. It's happened just about every time I make a left hand turn at that stoplight, and I'm beginning to wonder how all these people manage to hold on to their licenses when they obviously don't know how to drive. How hard is it to stay in your own lane? Aside from that, I use my horn in just about every other situation you can think of. I drive a very compact car, and even though it is BRIGHT PINK, for some reason people have trouble seeing it so I'm constantly on the defensive. Oh, and people in Virginia are horrible drivers.
  • very rarely unless someone is oding a manouvuere and risks hitting my car
  • Almost never. I hate loud noises. I can only think of once off the top of my head, someone decided to back up without looking behind them and almost hit me, so I honked the horn to let the person know I was there.
  • I've only been driving for 3 months and i am a horn abuser already!
  • Not often as I should with this crazy ass drivers here.
  • Rarely. Takes all the surprise out of the attack.
  • When I lived in NYC, a lot. Not so much here (in AZ) but definitely more than I used to.
  • Not very often. I used it tonight in line at Jack In The Box to get the attention of a homeless man to see if he wanted something to eat. He didn't.
  • Not too often...I have to be pretty angry to use it, haha.
  • When driving my school bus I am required to used the horn each time I back the bus. This is in addition to the back-up alarm.

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