• YES! Frivilous lawsuit... he should know better and set a better example!
  • Of course. If that was my judge I'd feel like I probably would have an unfair trial after that. I hope he is shown his place in society, and what true justice is.
  • That might set an unusual precedent, and maybe a good one. Everyone has a right to sue, but the courts are being flooded with junk that impedes real justice and releases real criminals because of overcrowding due to delays in court. This judge is no bargain to the people who elected him, or if he was appointed, to whomever appointed him. If he is disbarred, he should face a hefty countersuit and a severe fine and/or penalty, including punitive damages. Lessons should be learned from this, and the family who bore the burden of this should come out at least a little bit ahead of where they were.
  • No. I don't think it was a crime or that it should effect his ability to work. If he is elected, I would certainly think it should be a campaign issue (In D.C. he may not be elected). I just think he should pay damages for filing a frivolous lawsuit and have his actions publicly ridiculed - which is what is what is happening.
  • I don't think he is able to do his job as a judge if he takes a sign in a store like that seriously (We guarantee your happiness). They offered him something like $12,000. Why would he turn that down? If a cleaners lost my favorite pants I would want reimbursement and nothing else.
  • The cleaners misplaced his pants, but found them a week later, or thereabouts. The offered to return the allegedly favorite pants, and he refused them. It was never about the pants. I have no idea what it was about, perhaps he's a mental case. Anyway, disbarment may be taking it too far, but I think there should certainly be punitive damages, and he shouldn't be a judge. If I lived in his district I'd be working really hard to get a recall.
  • Not before he is forced to face the public to explain how HIS pants were worth 77 Million (or even 12000). That is just ridiculous and I can't see it being about the pants. Most decent/honest people would just ask to be reimbursed.
  • Yes. And I think he should be fined for frivolous lawsuit as well as pay court costs. I don't know if the dry cleaner sued for damages but they should....
  • He should be disbarred. He is obviously unstable.

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